The Fight Against Bad Ideas

The Regressive Left: a term coined by Maajid Nawaz to describe a section of the political left who are willing to compromise their freedom of speech and  other liberal values for the sake of political correctness, multiculturalism, and identity politics.

Who Are The Regressive Left?

 How Did We Got To This Point?

They accept the most reactionary forms of religious extremism from minority groups and religions, namely Islam. In the wild these animals have many names inc…Intersectional Feminists – The PC Police –Fat Pride Activists – Social Justice Warriors – Illiberal Left – The Regressive Left – The Neo Progressives – Outragists – cry-bullies

Their tactics and behaviours are incongruous with the ideals that are necessary for a functional, free, secular, liberal democratic society.  The Regressive Left  tend to use subjective experience and emotional arguments (FEELS) Vs (REALS) instead objective reasoning


Author: Andy

Regressive tend to use subjective experience and emotional arguments (FEELS) Vs (REALS) Progressive objective reasoning with logic and facts – DONT LET THEM

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